Monday, 4 July 2011

The Love Triangle / Dire Records

Most of the time, mass mail-outs suck. They're impersonal, boring and often not even the right genre. However, every now and then, you get a mail-out that makes it all worth it. I got one the other day from Dire Records (because I'd bought something from their online distro previously), of which the following quote is taken from - "This has always been and will always be a low-rent operation run out of our front room, so no street teams, twitter or other nefarious bullshit for us". I figured I should write something about the label/a release they put out in the spirit of DIY and helping out a great label/distro.

The Love Triangle are a 3-piece garage punk band from the UK, which features two members of The Shitty Limits, as well as members of bands The Sceptres and Fashion, neither of who I am familiar with, but you might be. They have put out 4 tapes and one 7" on Dire Records, all of which are worth buying, as they make fantastic scuzzy punk rock similar to bands like Wipers mixed with a more 60s style influence. It's almost hard to recognise Shitty Limits vocalist EOT's voice (I can only find his initials) on these tracks singing in an almost melodic style, instead of barking into the microphone. I'm glad I made it through that without comparing them to Lovvers. You can download the awesome track 'Splendid Living' below, the title track from their 7".

Download: The Love Triangle - Splendid Living (mp3/mediafire)
Purchase: The Love Triangle - Splendid Living 7" / Tape 4 / Dire Records Distro

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